Studio Display’s Cord Is Detachable But It Requires A Special Tool

Apple’s new Studio Display monitor has a great deal to offer and is now available for purchase. Unfortunately, now that folks have bought it, we’re finding out that it has a non-removable power chord, which isn’t ideal for consumers.

A detachable cord is useful for setting up a home office, using a standing desk with a longer connection, recycling, being environmentally friendly, and so on. Because the earlier Apple Pro Display XDR featured a detachable wire, it’s disappointing that the new $1,600 model does not.

The Studio Display cable isn’t detachable, according to Apple’s support documentation. However, the proprietary cable can be removed, and Apple even created a tool to do it.

Apple Studio Display Costs $1600

According to the appearance of that tool, you’ll have to pull quite hard to get the cable out. And, sadly, Linus Tech Tips did precisely that on YouTube. The YouTuber yanked so hard that the display frame bent a little, but it detached. Even better, users may effortlessly reconnect it.

Despite Apple’s recent environmental statements regarding cords, packaging, and other items, making the cable very tough to remove doesn’t add up or make sense. Apple appears to have had to fully redesign a power cord to accommodate the ultra-slim panel, which is why it doesn’t use a normal connector. However, it could have simply been removed, but the corporation opted not to, and we aren’t shocked by the decision.

Because power cords may be easily destroyed over time, by a dog chewing on them or for other reasons, most are detachable and manufacturers provide new cables. As a result, keeping it proprietary and incredibly difficult to remove irritates potential customers.

If there’s a silver lining here, it’s that if something goes wrong, Apple can just replace the cable rather than the entire screen display. This should lower the cost of post-warranty repairs, but it’s still aggravating that it’s so tough. The Studio Display costs $1,600 for those who are interested.