Apple Studio Display Is Limitedly Compatible With Windows

Apple claims that its new 27-inch 5K Studio Display is compatible with a broad variety of Macs (and even some iPads), but The Verge reports that it should also operate great with a Windows PC. Of course, there are certain limitations, but if your PC can output to it, the Studio Display should function similarly to any other display with a built-in camera and speakers.

Apple Studio Display Has Cheaper Substitutes

The webcam’s compatibility with Windows has been a source of contention; according to Apple’s website, “Studio Display camera functions and firmware upgrades need connectivity to a Mac.” Despite the ambiguous terminology, Apple spokeswoman Alex Bender told The Verge that the Studio Display’s built-in 12-megapixel camera should function as a standard USB webcam.

He did clarify, however, that elements like Center Stage will not be available. Other macOS-specific functions, like Spatial Audio or “Hey Siri” capability, are also unavailable, despite the monitor’s use of an iPhone chip. When it appears like you could AirPlay music or summon Siri while using the Studio Display with a Windows computer (as you might if you had a HomePod next to your PC), Apple has said that such functionality is only available on the Mac.

If it changes in the future, you’ll need to borrow a Mac to update the display to accommodate it.

It’s probably worth noting at this point that the Studio Display isn’t a great buy if you only have a Windows computer. There are much less expensive options for a monitor with speakers and a webcam, and many people would likely prefer a higher refresh rate panel over an extra K of resolution. But, hey, if you’re a big fan of Apple’s design, a 5K aficionado, or alternate between a Mac and a PC, the Studio Display seems like a no-brainer. However, keep an eye out for our future review to see if the new display is worth the $1,600 starting price.