Apple will release the next January 23 an interesting documentary about “The Football War”about how the Super League was forged and how the different organizations reacted to the threat to the current system monopolized by UEFA.

Soccer is increasingly relevant in the content of Apple’s streaming channel, Apple TV+, as demonstrated by the recent acquisition of the rights to Major League Soccer, the American soccer league. Now comes a very interesting documentary about the Super League, the attempt by Europe’s leading football teams to break away from UEFA’s monopoly, which prevents them from competing in other tournaments that are not subject to their monopoly. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus are the only clubs that are currently within this new system, but in its beginnings the Super League had many more clubs, which, faced with threats from UEFA, even from governments, decided to leave the system. new project that was very hurt, but is still alive.

What happened to cause this earthquake that shook the European king of sports? This Apple documentary promises to reveal facts that we don’t know so far, with interviews with the protagonists, such as Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, and Aleksander Čeferin, president of UEFA, the highest European soccer body and the greatest enemy of the Super League . The documentary promises to be really interesting, although personally I have many doubts about how Apple will approach it, doubts that we will have to solve at the end of January when we can see it on our devices. There will be four episodes in which we will see all the ins and outs of this war that it is still a long way from being resolved, and that it is awaiting the ruling of the European courts. It could be a great opportunity for Apple TV+ in Europe, where many people still don’t even know about the existence of the service.