Sure hit! How to choose the best iPhone for Christmas

Practically at Christmas and many of us are shopping for Christmas and gifts for the Three Kings, where Apple products and specifically, The iPhone is one of the most exciting gifts to give to your loved ones. However, on many occasions we are tempted to give away the latest or greatest device, when we really have to find the ideal device for the user. In this post, we are going to analyze some formulas to buy the ideal iPhone for that or that person.

Are you geeky or not?

It is the million dollar question, since depending on the use that the user gives to the mobile device, you will have to purchase an iPhone with specific benefits and characteristics and above all, analyze whether it is necessary to acquire the most current generation iPhone or whether to acquire an iPhone from one or two years ago.

If the user has a basic use, that is, multimedia content, talking on WhatsApp and answering calls or taking the occasional photo of his family. In this situation, there is no need to purchase a 14 series device, as unfortunately you are not going to take advantage of all the goodness that the device has. Therefore, perhaps the iPhone 12 It may be a good option, because it will be a cheaper device than the current one and it will not miss the most current features.

In the event that the user want to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the iPhone, the situation changes radically from what was mentioned in the previous paragraph. In relation to this, if it would be interesting to go to the main Apple’s top of the range since the user will enjoy all the components of the camera and the processor to obtain spectacular results.

Regarding its price, despite the fact that the disbursement is higher, the most interesting option is to acquire a iPhone 13 Pro or 14 Pro, because it has screen, camera and video features that will delight a user looking to get the most out of their iPhone.

Buy accessories or not?

Shopping for accessories is always something very personal and it also depends on the type of user to whom you are going to give the iPhone as a gift. In case it is a generic useraccessories like wireless charging or MagSafe It can be a great success, because they will be able to enjoy their phone a little more and value the importance of having a good iPhone in hand, beyond making calls or consuming social networks.

Seneo charging dockOn the contrary, if you are a technology lover, surely you know or research which accessories are best suited to your new device. Therefore, it is better to make a good investment in the device and let it owner purchase accessories later that he likes the most, such as a case with better construction materials, a gimbal wireless charging base that, in addition to charging the iPhone, can charge the Apple Watch or AirPods.