Surface 9 Pro or iPad which is better?

Surface Pro 9 and iPad Pro M2

The new Surface Pro 9 has a clear objective: Stand up to the iPad Pro and gain a market share in a sector that Apple devices present an expensive advantage. Therefore, one of the objectives that Microsoft set itself was to present a device with a great Hardware, although it does not surpass Apple in all aspects as we will see below

design and hardware

The design of the Surface Pro features narrower side bezels than Apple’s, while the top and bottom bezels are much larger than the bezels of the iPad Pro, which has a much more organic and defined design than Microsoft’s tablet. This design responds to the position of the battery, where in this sense, the iPad has less autonomy than the new Surface. Of course, when we connect the accessories of both tablets, the autonomy is practically the same. Regarding the cameras, The iPad Pro is far superior to the Surface, as it doesn’t include a LiDAR sensor, wide angle, portrait mode, center framing, or image processing capabilities. Therefore, in this area, the iPad hits the table again.

Finally, the new Microsoft product features a SQ3 neural processing chip and one graphic IRIS XE, offering exceptional performance when compared to the previous generation of Surface. However, if compared with Apple’s Silicon, it is true that the gap has been reduced, but it is still not up to the best processor for iPad on the market.


With respect to accessories, iPad comes with two great accessories: the Apple Pencil and the Magic Tracpack. However, the palette of accessories that it has Microsoftfor your tablets is very superior to the one presented by Apple, since it has Microsoft Presenter, Surface Arcade Mouse and Surface Dock 2 adapter.

surface pro 9_03

The possibility of having more accessories to your iPad makes it possible for users to personalize and configure the device in the way that best suits your way and your work needs. Apple and iPad, in this sense, still have a lot to improve. Microsoft, in this sense, has done a great ecosystem job.

Operating system and apps.

Without a doubt, the great advantage that the iPad range has over market competitors is iPadOS, the best operating system for tablets and that little by little is improving and including improvements in professional applications such as the arrival of DaVinci Studio or the entire Affinity suite, generating all your flow of graphic design and audiovisual productions from the iPad. However, if you are a user who prefers a graphics tablet for design tasks, here are some solutions.

iPad Pro using it

Following this thread in question, the developers They have bet heavily on Apple devices, adapting applications to iPads, and focusing on the public that uses this type of product. The environment that Apple has generated together with the developers means that the competition not only has to put their batteries into software and hardware, but also to get the developers to adapt their applications to Android, both in user experience and in functionality.