Surprise! Four new iPads in sight

Multiple iPad models are reportedly on the way, but information is scarce in terms of concrete details. However, we have compiled the rumors that we believe could end up being true and we explain which models Apple will surely renew in the coming months.

The iPad in constant evolution

2022 and 2023 have seen major changes to the iPad design at Apple, with edge-to-edge displays, a more industrial design that matches that of the iPhone, the adoption of USB-C, new colors, and the introduction of Apple Silicon M1 and M2 chips. However, since then, no new products have been released in the iPad lineup. Does this mean that 2023 will be the first year without an iPad update?

There are currently sources that remain hopeful that we will see new iPads in the coming months. According to rumors published in the 9to5Mac medium, there is a possibility that we will see a 7th generation iPad Mini with improved specifications and a 10.9-inch iPadboth scheduled to arrive between late 2023 and early 2024.

However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has poured some cold water on these expectations. Kuo, known for being one of the best analysts providing information on Apple’s supply chain, has stated that It is very likely that we will not see new iPads in 2023. So as you can see, things are not entirely clear.

The enigma of the new iPad Air

Despite the uncertainty, the main focus of these rumors falls on the line of iPad Air. Anonymous sources suggest that Apple is working on two different iPad Air models, each with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular options.

One of these models is the iPad Air 6, which is expected to follow the same design as its predecessor, but with a chip upgrade that would make it even more powerful. The code names for this model are J507 and J508 for the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions, respectively. But why two iPad Air models when Apple has always opted for a single model?

Well, it is speculated that the existence of two iPad Air models could indicate that Apple would launch a large version and a smaller one, similar to the structure of the iPad Pro line. Although as we have been indicating, these are only rumors for the moment.

space gray ipad air

It is also speculated that the next generation of iPad Pro will expand the size of its screens between 13 and 14 inches. If this turns out to be true, introducing two iPad Air models in different sizes might make more sense. This iPad Pro, which is not expected to be presented until 2024, could also incorporate the new M3 chip that the new generation of Macs will also carry.

For now we will wait for more information and will be attentive to possible confirmations and release dates.