Take advantage of your iPhone’s USB-C with VOLTME accessories

The arrival of USB-C to the iPhone means that many general manufacturers have decided to invest in creating accessories compatible with the iPhone, even though they do not have MFi certification, for obvious reasons. Be that as it may, equipping yourself with high-quality cables and chargers, now that your iPhone can receive these types of accessories, is almost an obligation.

These are the VOLTME products that we recommend to charge your iPhone thanks to its USB-C port. Discover with us these accessories and if they are really worth it compared to those that Apple had been offering previously.

The first thing we recommend is a good PowerDelivery charger, without having to go for very high power, since at the end of the day the iPhone does not offer charging powers greater than 20W either. In this sense, VOLTME offers a USB-C charger with dual USB-C ports, with PD 3.0 technology and up to 20W, which will allow you to charge your iPhone and your Apple Watch at the same time, without any problem. The FCC, RoHS and PD 3.0 certification means that at iPhone News we consider that you can buy and use it easily without security problems. Will cost €15.99 and you can purchase it directly on Amazon.

On the other hand, the cables are almost as important as the chargers, and they have ultra-resistant, silicone cables, with a considerable thickness, which have given me very good results personally. These cables support powers of 100W, so they are not only compatible with the iPhone, but you can also charge your iPad and even your MacBook without any problem, being able to confirm that they work without problems. Another point to highlight is that they do not “knot”, something you will appreciate, and You can purchase it in different sizes, for the price of €14.44 also in Amazon. That’s all our recommendations for today.