Take JPG or ProRaw photos on IPhone 15 Pro?

During several editions, the photography formats have been maintained, to be able to use the JPG and RAW, two essential variables in photography. In this case, Apple incorporates in ProRaw format, a format that can be used within the device. We will address what it consists of and If it is preferable to take a jpg or ProRaw photo in all iPhone versions and why it is becoming an interesting format again for the new update in iPhone 15.

With iPhone 15, progress has been made in small nuances, but it has a presentation of the ProRaw format which allows us to take photos in 48 MP resolution. This format will help us capture the greatest amount of data after a shot and will have to be edited with specific programs. But What is the difference between jpg and ProRaw?

What are the differences between JPG and RAW?

All cameras by default take photos in PNG or JPG format. Such photography captures a specific light and correction format, with exact focus, lens correction or white balance. In this analysis it can be seen that said capture is not exactly what we are looking for and for this there is the RAW format. When said JPG photograph is wanted to be retouched with an editing program, we may encounter impediments, since it is usually prevented and limited in several aspects.

However, What is the JPG format recommended for? It is commonly used to share images on the Internet, since you get a quick image in balance of composition and size.

With Raw it is different, since the photograph is raw, that is, the image is uncompressed and all the information captured by the sensor is saved as is. When we view the image we can see that it is off or altered, but this internal information is what counts. It has much more information and with 4 or 5 times more weight. Therefore, this format is perfect, since it contains much more information about shadows, lights, colors, among others. Therefore, much higher quality. Now, you have to edit it with a program so that it is perfect.

Jpg or ProRaw photos on Iphone 15 Pro

What can we find in the Apple ProRaw format?

He ProRaw format is created in similarity to Raw. Both share the same characteristics, since a photo taken is completely complete in information. Apple incorporates this format because the Raw cannot be established on a device of such magnitude, since it would be too poor, therefore, it incorporates the ProRaw.

Said photograph can be retouched with total precision and fit it much better than with a JPG format, since Raw is offering us a raw photograph, as we have already mentioned. The idea is always shoot in ProRaw and then think about a subsequent retouch, since with a normal retouch in JPG we can try to create a desired effect that we later do not achieve because it is limited.

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How can we use ProRaw and activate it on our device?

From iOS 14 version to iOS 17 version and current, you can take photos with our device. On iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can use Camera to take photos in Apple's ProRAW format. Also with iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, this format can be used.

It can be used on all phone cameras, including the front one. But the Portrait option cannot be used for that format. To activate this configuration we enter: Configuration or Settings > Camera > Format and activate ProRaw.

How to take a photo with ProRaw?

  • We open the application Camera > Formats and then we play activate ProRaw.
  • We take the photo. As we take it we can choose between Raw and NOT Rawthat is, activate or deactivate it.
  • In order to preserve the ProRaw configuration, we access Settings > Camera > Keep settings and activate ProRaw.

Jpg or ProRaw photos on Iphone 15 Pro

With ProRaw you can change resolutions

Coming into Settings > Camera > Formats > Default professional format, we can access the resolution of the photo. We choose between 12 PM or 48 PM.

What differences exist between both resolutions?

The difference is simple, in 12 PM we will have a type of resolution in the photo and in 48 PM the resolution is much higher. But obviously the checks are applied and determined, whether it is worth doing it or not.

For example, if you are going to take an image that needs the maximum resolution, you can configure that format. If the idea is to apply it to all photographs, you would have to think about it. If we shoot all the photographs in the highest format, we will have a much heavier iCloud backup than usual. In addition, the shots will not be agile and you will have to wait a short time between photos until they are saved.

And the quality? Worth? It is evident that at 48 megapixels we will have a photo with more detail, but compared to 24 megapixels the difference is not large, since at 24 we already have good photo quality.