Take your iPhone everywhere with these motorcycle mounts

If you usually travel around the city by motorcycle, you like to go on road trips, and you need to carry your mobile in an accessible place, in this post we bring you a compilation of some very useful accessories. The iPhone mounts for motorcycles They will allow you to always carry your phone with you, and thus consult important information, such as the route you are following.

Your iPhone on wheels

When we go to an unknown place, or one that is not very familiar to us, consulting the route map is essential on many occasions. And to take a good look at that information, we need our iPhone to be in an accessible place and that, in turn, this be secured so that it does not fall when we take sharp turns, potholes or changes in height. And the motorcycle supports that you are going to see in this post meet these two essential requirements.

Lamicall Mobile Support

The first accessory that we bring you comes from Lamicall. This has to be attached to the handlebars of the motorcycle, through its base. We will have to open the rear slot, put it on the handlebar, close it and turn the rear handle so that it is locked. The compatible diameter size is between 15mm. and 40mm.

To adhere the phone we will only have to insert it in the front part of the support, which can be adjusted, opening the opening more or less. This support is compatible with multiple sizes of iPhone: from the iPhone 12 or 13 mini, to the iPhone 13 or 14 Pro Max. Including, of course, all sizes in between. From 4.7 to 6.8 inches.

Grefay motorcycle stand

This motorcycle support, instead of being attached to the handlebar, is screwed in the same place where does one of the two rearview mirrors go. Although the assembly can be somewhat more complex, the truth is that if we always go with the same motorcycle, we will always have the support mounted, which will end up saving us time.

grefay iphone stand

In this case, the phone is inserted by sliding from top to bottom, being held by the lower part of the body. The operation is very simple: we release the locking hinge, we adapt the size of the frame, we put the iPhone, we adapt it again and we close the hinge again. It is compatible with all sizes of iPhone, from mini to Pro Max and everything in between.

Joyroom anti-vibration mount

If you like to go on rougher, unpaved and bumpy roads, an anti-vibration mount may be the most convenient. This one, from the Joyroom brand, is attached to the handlebars of the motorcycle and the phone is attached to the four corners of the body.

joyroom iphone stand

The assembly is simple: we have to attach the base of the support to the handlebar, and mount the upper part (where the iPhone will go), directly to the base, using the grip. The compatible thickness goes from 18mm. up to 40mm. Being a bit bulkier, it requires 3.5 cm of horizontal space to be placed. It is compatible with sizes from the iPhone SE (first generation) to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.