A court decision has blocked Telegram in Spain, but There are very simple ways to continue using it and we explain how to do itcompletely free and without complications.

A complaint made by different Spanish media outlets has led a judge to make the decision to, as a precaution, block the use of the messaging application in Spain. Telegram can be used for many more things than sending messages, and in fact it is used to distribute pirated content, and that has been the reason why this decision has been made. Spain is included in the prestigious list of countries that block Telegram, along with China, North Korea or Iranall examples of advanced democracies where respect for the human rights and freedoms of their citizens is paramount (note the irony, of course).

Of course the distribution of pirated material is illegal, but Telegram is much more than that. In fact, our user community is on Telegram (link), and many people use it simply to send messages to other people, make video calls and many other completely legal activities. The point is that if you want continue using Telegram you can continue doing so, completely free, without downloading any type of program or having to pay anything for it. It is as simple as adding a proxy to Telegram, an option that is integrated into the application and is done in this way:

How to use Proxy with TelegramHow to use Proxy with Telegram

  1. Click on this link: https://t.me/ProxyMTProto
  2. Click on the blue button and open Telegram
  3. Of the many servers that will appear on the screen, choose one and click on Connect
  4. Choose the one with the least Ping (it is a tip, not mandatory) and click on “Connect Proxy”

Telegram should work without the slightest problem. If you want to disable the proxy at any time, or change it, you just have to click on the shield-shaped icon that appears on the main screen of the application and there you can change the proxy (from among those you have added) or deactivate the functionality.