Telegram is ahead of Apple

Integrated Telegram translator

Yes, as you read it, Telegram, in its latest version allows power translate messages that you receive in another language, making the conversation more fluid and without having to use third party applications to translate the messages.

The procedure is very simple, since the update allows translate the text you have written before sending it. This way, if you speak to someone in another language, the recipient will receive the message in their language and your reply in your native or default language.

Activation and operation of translating texts

To activate this function, you have to go to the Telegram Settings and go to the section language, since it is not activated by default. In it, you must activate the option that says “Show translate button”.

Once you have the option activated, you have to go to the message you received and do a click held about the message. Next, a pop-up appears with the different options that you can do in said message. You have to press the option to translate.

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Once this option is clicked, a new window in which you will see the translation. In it, the original language, the translated language and the message of the translation appear. In the opposite case, in which you want send a text in your languageyou have to write the content and before sending, click on it and a menu automatically appears with the Available optionsWell, you just have to click on translate. The translation quality It is quite high, surpassing Google Translate, but being one step below reference applications such as Deepl or Reverso, which are the main references in the sector.

A magnificent update

WhatsApp announced last week the possibility of using the option of Picture-in-Picture that allows you to continue in a video call while you are in another application. Recently, Telegram incorporates the possibility of translating text messages, which is a leap forward when it comes to communicate with people from all over the world.

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All these innovations improve the user experience enjoying even more of one of the applications that we use the most on a day-to-day basis. Of course, the Telegram update It is not exempt from errors or aspects to improve, such as the possibility of being able to determine that the entire existing conversation is automatically translated, since it is understood that it would be constant and, it can end up being tedious that you have to translate message by message, causing greater fatigue in the conversation. There is also no possibility of being able edit the transcribed message, in case you have knowledge of the language and want to modify an expression or term.

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