Telegram MacOS Has A New Power Saving Mode

The Telegram MacOS has received a fresh update. The most recent version has a function called “Power Saving Mode” that is targeted toward MacBook owners. With the help of this new function, Apple laptop batteries will last longer.

Some resource-intensive programs will be turned off. Version 9.4.1 of the Telegram software for macOS has the most recent functionality, which users may enable under Telegram’s settings. Telegram will be able to stop various power-hungry features with the help of this functionality, including animations, automatically playing movies and GIFs, and other effects. As a result, the application will consume less hardware and electricity.

Telegram MacOS Has A New Mode

The Telegram app for macOS is available for free download from the App Store. The app can only be used on MacBooks running macOS 10.12 or later. Customers who own MacBooks will be able to modify how their laptops’ Power Saving Mode operates. Users can disable only some effects and animations when the mode is active rather than all of them. Customers can also choose to have their MacBooks automatically enter Power Saving Mode when the battery life reaches a predetermined level of charge.

Desktop users may use the Telegram MacOS Power Saving Mode to speed up the Telegram software. For older devices with less potent hardware, this improvement may prove to be quite crucial. Telegram has stated that this new version will include bug fixes and other speed enhancements in addition to the new battery-saving mode. Owners of older desktop computers can also benefit from using energy-saving mode by turning off extraneous features, which can somewhat speed up Telegram.