The 1 TB iPhone 13 Pro with almost 200 euros discount

One of the most desired iPhones after the launch of the new generation of iPhone 14 is just the previous one, the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max model given the price that the new ones have acquired. Well, Amazon has an incredible discount on the 1 TB capacity iPhone 13 Pro, so if you were thinking of buying it, keep reading that you will surely like what you are going to find in this post.

iPhone 13 Pro sale

The iPhone 13 Pro is no longer sold at Apple, since those of Cupertino whenever they launch a new generation, the top, on the market, in this case the Pro models of the previous generation disappear from their Apple Stores, both physical and online. For this reason, this opportunity is also so good, because not only does the iPhone have an incredible discount, but also fewer and fewer units of these devices are available for purchase.

The discounts available are 190 euros in two exact models, the gold color and green color with 1 TB capacity, a storage that of course, for normal users it is very difficult to fill it, so you can completely stop worrying about whether your iPhone is going to be full or not. Therefore, They go from costing 1739 euros to the 1549 euros that will cost you thanks to this offer. Also, if you compare what this 1TB 13 Pro costs with what the 1TB 14 Pro costs, which is 1,969 euros, you find yourself with a difference of 420 euros, a real pass and an opportunity that, of course, you have to take advantage of.

Is this iPhone worth it now?

Surely, the question of whether it is worth buying this iPhone now will be very recurring, but the reality is that this device is still top of the rangeToday. It is true that the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are better equipment, although they are also considerably more expensive, but that does not make this iPhone 13 Pro any less than it was before.

iphone 13 pro

In fact, for many users, this device is better than the 14 Pro, and as we always say in La Manzana Mordida, the best equipment for a user is the one that best suits their needs and, based on this, it has a better quality/price ratio. Therefore, without a doubt, this 1 TB capacity iPhone 13 Pro is a very good purchase opportunity and an ideal option to give as a gift or treat yourself this Christmas. Surely if you end up buying it you will not regret it at all.

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