The 10 differences between the Apple Watch Ultra and the Series 8

It is the new model, the most expensive and therefore, supposedly the best Apple Watch you can now buy. But what does the Apple Watch Ultra really offer more?

Apple unveiled a few days ago the new Apple Watch models, with a Series 8 whose update has known little to many, and the king of the night, the Apple Watch Ultra, which not only has a new design but also brings with it a good handful of new functions that make the difference with respect to the rest of models. Available only in one finish (Titanium), one model (WiFi + LTE) and one price (€999), this new Ultra model has everything that the new Series 8 has, to which must be added a good handful of exclusive features .

Larger screen, and more complications

The new Apple Watch Ultra is larger (49mm) than the Series 8 (45mm and 41mm), which means it has a larger screen, although less than you might imagine. The screen surface of the Apple Watch Ultra is 1152 mm2, while that of the Apple Watch Series 8 is 1143 mm2. The impression when seeing both watches side by side is that the Ultra screen is much larger, but it is more of an optical effect due to the size of the watch, because the difference is not that much.

Apple Watch Ultra wayfinder

However, that small difference in favor of the Ultra is used by Apple to offer you exclusive dials (Wayfinder) with a greater number of complications (up to 8 on the same dial) and other features like the built-in compass.

brighter screen

In addition to the somewhat larger screen, it is much brighter than its other little brothers. Covered by sapphire crystal, as in the steel models, this Retina screen with a resolution of 410 × 502 pixels can have a brightness of up to 2000 nits, which is twice the maximum brightness of the Series 8 and all other available Apple Watches. What does this mean? That outdoors, exposed to sunlight, the screen of this Apple Watch Ultra will look better than the other models.

night mode

If you are going to use the Apple Watch at night, or in dark environments, the option offered by the Wayfinder sphere (exclusive) will be very interesting for you. With this watch face active on your Apple Watch Ultra, turning the crown will bring up what you see just above these lines: the Wayfinder sphere but in red, with a black background. Much less annoying for you, for others, and with better visibility in the dark.

Programmable action button

On the right side of the watch we have the usual crown and side button, although with a new design that protrudes from the case to be able to use both elements more comfortably when wearing gloves. On the left side a new element appears: an action button, in orange, that is programmable. You can configure the button so that when you press it, it activates the Return mode of the compass, to be able to return to the starting point following your steps, or to mark a point in your route and be able to return to it later, or to carry out the follow-up of your races.

emergency siren

Apple Watch Ultra has a built-in emergency siren in case you’re lost, injured, or have any other emergency situation that requires alerting someone nearby. It’s an 86 decibel siren that you can activate by holding down the action button. The siren includes two alternating sound patterns, which can be repeated for hours, including the classic SOS call. The range of this siren according to Apple is up to 180 meters away.

more extreme temperatures

Although many will buy this model of the watch simply for its design, it is intended to be used in very extreme situations, so it is important that the ambient temperature is not an issue. The Apple Watch Ultra is perfectly resistant to very high temperatures (up to 55 degrees Celsius) or very low temperatures (down to -20 degrees Celsius).

The best GPS

The Apple Watch Ultra uses the best possible GPS today thanks to the double frequency L1 and L5. While most location devices use a single frequency (L1) with location errors of up to 5 meters, dual-frequency systems (L1 and L5) like the one Apple is launching on this Apple Watch, can be accurate up to 30 centimeters.

Compass on Apple Watch Ultra

Return function

When you do a route off the beaten track, it’s important to be able to retrace your steps if need be. With the Return function you can see where you came from as if you had been leaving breadcrumbs all the way. You can leave manual marks by pressing the action button, or by using the button on the screen. You also have a complication that can show in real time the location of the next mark and its distance.

Temperature and depth sensor

Not only is it prepared to withstand depths of up to 40 meters, but it is also It has a temperature and depth sensor so that you know this data at all times in case of immersion. EN 13319 certification is a recognized international standard for dive accessories, and this Apple Watch Ultra meets it. The “Depth” app will automatically open on a water dive, and show you all this data. You can also assign it to the action button to open it when you need it.

New design

The Apple Watch Ultra is brand new. It has a more aggressive, industrial, sporty design… call it what you want. It is a very large watch, which will not fit many wrists, and it is accompanied by straps in accordance with this design. It is made of titanium and the color is that of the metal, no other colors are available darker, as if there is with the normal Apple Watch. There will be those who are horrified by this design, and there will be those who will have fallen in love with it from the first moment, like this one who writes.