The 16-inch iPad getting closer

What do we know so far?

Since 2021, there are rumors of the launch of a new 16-inch iPad Pro, following the line of the MacBook, being the biggest device line of Apple iPad to date, surpassing the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Along with this launch, Apple would incorporate for the first time Mini LED panelsgiving a quality leap in the quality of its screens and offering, without a doubt, one of the better resolutions for tablets. The processor will also be another of its strengths, since the possible new 16-inch iPad will have the processors Apple Siliconprobably the third-generation Silicon M3, the same one that probably mounts the 24-inch iMacs.

iPad Air+monitor

Lastly, the ports of entrythey would also take a leap forward in this new version of iPad, since it would have a port Thunderbolt instead of USB-C found on current models. This feature would allow faster data transfer, which is increasingly necessary because we work with larger files and faster device charging.

Why a 16-inch iPad?

iPad 10 + Magic Keyboard

The 16-inch iPad is a move that Apple has been thinking about for years and has sense of launching on the marketBecause the 12.9-inch iPad may stay little for some users that work with the iPad as the primary device. In the same way that Apple plans to launch a 15-inch MacBook Air, the 16-inch iPad responds to the same need.

Software like Figma or DaVinci Resolve are increasingly needed resources and one bigger screen to be able to visualize with quality all the content with which you are working. Along with this, users could take full advantage of the capabilities of split screen iPad, which would be particularly useful for those who use their iPad for multitask.

ipad 10 camera

From a point of educational view, the 16-inch iPad will mean a new leap forward to make the iPad a substitute for a computer for many university students, since they will be able to work and study easily by having a larger screen with which to show presentations and design exercises from the device. Lastly, a larger screen could further enhance the use of video game, although in this sense, this version of iPad Pro seeks a more professional use.

When will it be released?

At the moment, the rumors indicate that the new iPad will be released in the last quarter of 2023 with the aim of continuing to make the difference between tablets and macs making the iPad the ideal substitute for your MacBook.


Now, the launch of this product will cause three versions of the pro series to be strange, so it is very possible that the 12.9 or 11-inch version will disappear with the new version to avoid generating compatibility problems between them.