The recently released rumors were targeting Macs and especially the button-themed iPhone 15 Pro. But we can not forget about the iPad that can be launched for next year and that is supposed to have a renewal. In fact, the new rumors indicate that it is more than likely that we will see models that use a technology in OLED screens that will make them thinner than they are up to now, developed by LG.

When we talk about the possibility that the iPad can benefit from a new technology in the screens that consists of an OLED panel that is thinner, we are referring, for now, to the IPad Pro, of course. We already know that Apple does not launch these important innovations in all models, only in those top of the range. The point is, the iPad Pro will benefit from LG’s new OLED panel etching technology that will allow for slimmer devices while lowering production costs.

The new hybrid OLED panel technology uses a glass substrate like a rigid OLED panel, but uses thin film encapsulation (TFE) like that of a flexible OLED panel. LG Display, together with LG Electronics’ Production Engineering Research Institute (PRI), is developing an etching technology that simultaneously etches the glass substrate and cuts it into cell units. In a hybrid OLED panel, the top glass substrate is replaced with TFE. This allows the panel to be thinner and the remaining bottom glass substrate is etched even thinner at 0.5mm to 0.2mm. We had already discussed this possibility last year, but not in such detail. So you have to pay attention to this rumor and give it a vote of confidence. If it resonates again, it will be for a reason.

Everything seems to indicate that LG is creating this OLED panel so that be the iPad Pro the ones that release them and we assume that for a while, only these devices will be the ones that use it. Hopefully it will be like that.