The 5 most frequently asked questions when moving from Windows to Mac

There are many myths about the Problems of migrating from Windows to Mac, above all because there are old ideas that have permeated society that are not completely true. In this post, we are going to respond to myths or legends urban about what “hard” which is to go from Windows to Mac and that, at present, they are completely outdated.

The most frequent questions when moving from Windows to Mac

There are a number of questions that every Windows user asks when they first migrate to macOS and the entire Apple ecosystem. It is logical that if you have never had contact with the world of the bitten apple, any question, however simple, that needs an answer or clarification, so this post is the most suitable for it.

  • Is it difficult to use and migrate from Windows to Mac?: Not directly. It is true that there are differences because they are two different ways of understanding and understanding an operating system, but macOS is designed in such an intuitive way that the learning curve and adaptation to this operating system is practically non-existent. If you’ve had a iPhone or an iPad, are not you going to hardly notice any difference when you first start using a Mac, since they are systems that are synchronized with each other, forming their own ecosystem, so many aspects of usability and user experience are the same. Once we have answered the initial question, we are going to discuss other questions, about Windows and Mac.

  • Is maintenance necessary?: unlike Windows, where you have regular updates Of all the components of the computer, Macs have all the updates centralized in the app Store and even from third-party apps if they are hosted in said catalog of applications. If it is the operating system itself, you can install it from System Settings or from the aforementioned App Store.
  • Is it advisable to install an antivirus on Mac?: Macs do not need antivirus since it is a closed ecosystem together with the security measures that Apple has, it is very difficult for malware to install on the computer. Therefore, it is not necessary to have an antivirus installed.

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  • Can I install external programs?: The App Store is an ecosystem developed by Apple with the goal that all applications are stored in it. Apple creates a secure environment with a broad marketplace where developers can create and upload their apps to improve productivity and efficiency in users’ work processes. However, all the programs are not in the App Store, so you will not be able to use some Windows apps on Mac, although yes, the vast majority are outside of them and you can download them perfectly as Blender, Substance Painter or the suite from Adobe, where there are a plethora of alternatives.
  • Is it possible to install old programs on a Mac?: Regarding the use of older applications, you can download them without any hassle or problem. Likewise, there are app updates that present bugs or optimization processes. If you don’t like the current version or it reports bugs, you can easily go back to the previous version. Same situation with macOS, if you have a Mac that has been on the market for several years and the previous version provides more fluidity, you can go back to the current version without problem.