The 5GB of free iCloud will last you less than a month

In 2011, Apple introduced iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage and services platform where all users could centralize all the information on their Apple devices from anywhere and have the files on different computers. In this post we are going to analyze which subscription plan is the most recommended for each type of user.

Do you require more storage?

Many users require more storage soon after they start using iCloud, because Apple offers a very little free storage. Below we attach the price rates that Apple offers.

  • Free plan: 0 euros/ month. 5GB
  • iCloud + with 50 GB of storage: 50 GB: 0.99 euros / month
  • iCloud + with 200 GB of free storage: 200 GB: 2.99 euros
  • iCloud + with 2 TB of free storage: 14.99 euros

The first plan is thinking exclusively for those users who only have an Apple device, be it an iPhone or an iPad to start with, and who mostly consume multimedia content. These types of users do not need to transmit files between devices and use their PC as their primary productivity computer on a day-to-day basis. If you have more intense use, you will probably run out of storage in less than a month.

The second plan es could be the best option for those users who have several Apple devices and combine their daily work on a desktop and a laptop, so they want a great synchronization between their devices. This type of user seeks to be able to share or store essential files with a more business purpose than photo storage

The third and fourth group, are plans that are adapted for those users who are looking to have practically unlimited storage, and who want to store documents, photos or videos for both family and work use. In this type of user, you want to be able to access the content of the Mac or iPad at all times and you want to have all the information in the cloud to be able to see it from any place or time.

Apple, you’re a bit stingy

All Apple users have 5 GB of free storage, as we have mentioned before, from the moment you get the iCloud account. Therefore, if you want to have more storage, you have to access the premium payment rates and that after making such a large outlay to get a Cupertino device, many users do not understand having to pay for it.

Despite the numerous advantages offered by the Application, 5 GB of free storage is a paltry amount because for most users it is insufficient, especially if you use 4K video recording or taking photos in Pro Raw format. To all this, it is added that services such as Google Drive, offers 15 GB of free storage, a huge difference with respect to the entry service offered by Apple. With more accessible plans, Apple will surely increase its income because there will be more users willing to purchase the subscription.

a possible solution establish rates based on Mac SSD storageand that after the free storage, it went to 256 GB SSD, since you can have complementary storage to Macs and truly enjoy iCloud as a place to store and have files on different Apple devices.

MacBook Air DockLeave us in the comments what type of plan you have purchased and how long the free Apple service lasted