The accessory to work with your iPad like a professional

Increasingly, the iPad is becoming the computer that Apple promised us. Many professional applications are already on the iPad, and we can also use our Tablet as if it were a desktop computer, since they are compatible with Bluetooth mice, keyboards, and trackpads. And in this post, we tell you what that accessory is, to enhance the most Pro facet of the iPad.

Turn your iPad into a desktop computer

If you usually use your iPad at a desk for work, you’re probably thinking about the Magic Keyboard for Apple iPad Pro. This accessory offers a floating stand, keyboard, trackpad and an additional USB-C port. Although it is a good product, its price is high and limits us in certain aspects, especially if we are looking for a more organic distribution and be able to use other accessories with more freedom.

Luckily, there are already several alternatives, to have a floating desktop base on our iPad. And they’re not just limited to “borderless” iPad Pros. If you have an iPad Air or a 10th generation iPad, also they can become a desktop computer. And we already anticipate that the construction materials and quality have nothing to envy to the official Apple stands. Not to mention the price that, although at first it may seem somewhat high, offer a lot of versatility and comfort. Above all, and as we say, if we have an iPad as the main desktop work tool.

Also, these floating mounts are magnetic. And although the iPads do not support wireless charging, we will have the ports available to connect accessories, such as a USB C Hub or an external monitor. As well as, the magnetic port to connect and link in Apple Pencil is free. so we can keep using our peripherals No problem.

INVIZI MagFree for iPad Pro and iPad Air

With these floating stands for iPad Pro, your iPad it will resemble an iMac. The design of this 12.9 iPad Pro compatible stand offers a stable support base and a rotation system of up to 180 degrees. In addition, you can put your iPad both vertically and horizontally on the same stand, since it can also rotate its orientation 360 degrees. They also have another model, compatible with the 11-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air from the fourth generation.

LULULOOK Folding and adjustable stand

ipad floating foldable stand

If you’re looking for a stand for your iPad, but don’t want to just use it like a traditional computer, this stand will make your iPad look like the Surface Studio by Microsoft. It is adjustable at different heights, and one of them is very characteristic of the Microsoft computer. In addition, it is a foldable stand, so you can take it wherever you want, without having to give up the more “pro” experience of the iPad.

Lamicall support for iPad

cheap ipad floating stand

If you have an older iPad, iPad mini, or 10th generation iPad, you can use it as a desktop computer, thanks to this adjustable stand. In this case, it is not a magnetic stand, since it has two tabs to hold the iPad and prevent it from moving while we work with the touch screen. Is he more compatible and the most economical of those that we bring you, but this does not imply its good construction quality.