iOS 17 has already been with us for quite a few months and we are beginning to turn the lights on to anticipate what the news will be regarding Apple's next major operating system: iOS 18. Annually, Apple offers a series of data in the month of February in which is detailed What is the adoption rate of the current operating system. In this way we can see directly how the update has affected globally and segmentedly in each iPhone distribution. On this occasion, iOS 17 adoption is slower than iOS 16:un 66% of all iPhones already have iOS 17 installed.

Apple publishes iOS 17 adoption data

How quickly or slowly an operating system installs is measured by the adoption rate, which is nothing more than the % of devices that have a certain version installed. Apple usually provides this data twice a year: once at the beginning of the calendar year (around 6 months after the official launch) and another a few weeks before the start of that year's WWDC in which the next operating system is presented.

iOS 18

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Installing or not installing a certain update depends on many factors: security transmitted to us, new features introduced, personal experiences with the performance of previous updates, etc. However, For Apple it is essential that we update our products to keep up to date with fixing security holes and all the features they consider relevant to users.

The iOS 17 adoption rate is 66% of all iPhones

On this occasion, Apple has published the adoption data for iOS and iPadOS 17 and we see how iOS 17 installation is slower than iOS 16 adoption last year. As you can see in the table, Apple segregates the data across all devices (iPhone or iPad) and the most modern devices (last 4 years). In this way, if we look at the global, we see how the 66% of iPhones have iOS 17 and the 53% of iPads have iPadOS 17.

iPadOS/iOS 17iPadOS/iOS 16iPadOS/previous iOS
iPhones (last 4 years)76%twenty%4%
All iPhones66%23%eleven%
iPads (last 4 years)61%29%10%
All iPads53%29%18%

To compare this data, it is necessary to review the adoption data from February 2023 around iOS 16 and we see how iOS 16 was installed on 81% of modern iPhones (last 4 years) and 72% on all iPhones. While iPadOS 17 was installed on 53% of modern iPads (last 4 years) and 50% on all iPads.