Despite the few changes that Apple has introduced with the second generation AirPods Pro, it is known that in their sector they seem to have no rival. With an innovative design (at the time) and with an audio quality that far exceeds the expectations of many users, this type of headset has become number one in sales. It seems that the price of the headphones does not prevent that Almost everyone has this model.

Right now, Apple has several types of wireless headphones for sale. One of them is the second generation AirPods Pro that went on sale not too long ago. With a price of 300 euros, the most premium headphones (ignoring the Max that are closed), with functions that other models do not have, have managed to win number 1 in sales. Right now it is known that it has a market share of 31%, and this is three times the market share of its closest competitor.

According to Canalys analysts, this new model of headphones has had sales of 4.2 million units. This represents 20% of all AirPods shipments during the September quarter, according to this specialized company. We have already mentioned the market share that AirPods Pro have and that it represents a great advantage over its competitors. Next on the list is Samsung, which shipped 7.4 million units in the third quarter, for a 9.6% market share. Other major competitors include boAt (5.4% of the market), Xiaomi (3.4%), and Skullcandy (2.6%). As you can see, the figures are very clear regarding the success of Apple.

If you are thinking of buying wireless headphones that have numerous premium features, a price commensurate with the quality, and above all, know that their quality is excellent, do like millions of users and opt for the second generation AirPods Pro.