The AirPods Pro have a very good competition

The AirPods Pro It is one of the best devices for listening to music, podcasts and talking on the phone due to its performance, audio quality, noise cancellation and its perfect symbiosis with the Apple ecosystem. It’s not a perfect device, though, and the Quietcomfort II is a great alternative to Apple’s best wireless headphones.

Design and day to day: minimalism or baroque?

One of the reasons for the success of the AirPods Pro of Apple and of any of its variables is its design, a minimalist design, the design formula that has been implemented for years. Instead, the bose headphones, They have a fine design, but it does not reach the quality of Apple, although it improves its design with its black or white color, which shows a design more similar to Samsung headphones. The design is a very personal decision and it depends to a large extent on the tastes of the user.

Both headphones have ear cushions, to facilitate holding and increase noise cancellation, with very good results in all scenarios. Likewise, both the AirPods Pro and the Quietcomfort II from bose have fast charge, in case you ever need to quickly charge your headphones. However, a big downside to the Bose Quietcomfort II is that they don’t have wireless charging, feature that does include Apple’s second-generation AirPods.

AirPods Pro 2 case

user experience

Quickly, the user experience is outstanding, but there are some subtle differences between them. For example, spatial audio is one of the great advantages of the AirPods Pro. On the other hand, the Bose Quietcomfort has different levels of noise cancellation to adapt to different levels of day-to-day life.

Now the bose quality, a company specializing in music equipment, makes it perform better in both treble and bass. Of course, for every common user, you will not find differences between the devices. With respect to integration between devices, obviously, the AirPods Pro has a greater integration within Apple devices. However, that is its biggest weakness, since there are many functions that you cannot customize like the Bose Quietcomfort II have.


In relation to the previous paragraph, the Bose Quietcomfort II have a music customization, and that, together with the aforementioned different levels of noise cancellation, makes you have more control over them.

Which of the two is worth more?

Both models are so similar that they have the same price, that is, 299 euros. Nevertheless, the main differences are also their main virtues. The ecosystem, the customization, the design, the musical quality are questions that the user has to ask you and know what the real use is that he is going to give it.

Therefore, from the La Manzana writing team we recommend that you take paper and a pen and determine which of the two models best suits your day to day. Of course, regardless of the headset you choose, you will have outstanding quality. We are talking about Apple and Bose, two large companies that if characterized by anything, it is by offering quality products.

Bose_03Let us know in the comments if you prefer Bose’s Quietcomfort II or Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro.