The “AirPower” lives on: Tesla launches its (large) charging base

Apple’s AirPower charging dock was canceled in 2019 before it even hit stores after many months of waiting, rumors, delays, and intrigue behind this new Apple device. This crushed many people since a great accessory was expected that would recharge up to three devices simultaneously. Well then, Tesla, for its part, is now launching a Qi charger with the same idea as AirPower, since it can also wirelessly charge multiple devices at the same time.

Tesla’s wireless charging pad has an angular, metallic design that the company says is inspired by the Cybertruck. Provides up to 15 W fast charging power per device, and You can charge up to three devices simultaneously.

Like AirPower, Tesla’s new Qi charger incorporates “FreePower” technology, which allows devices to be placed anywhere on its surface No need for precise alignment. We must bear in mind that this charging base will not work for apple watchsomething that AirPower was supposed to fulfill.

Inspired by Cybertruck’s angular design and metallic styling, our wireless charging pad provides 15W of fast-charging power per device for up to three devices simultaneously. Its elegant design is made up of an aluminum casing, a premium velor surface and a detachable magnetic mount that allows you to position the charger horizontally or at an angle for better viewing.

A video available on Tesla’s website shows that the wireless charging pad it has 30 coils lined up in a layout very similar to what Apple was working on for AirPower. For that 2019, Apple canceled its AirPower because “it was not going to meet the quality standards” of the company, which was later learned to be due to overheating that Apple failed to mitigate.

We still don’t know if Tesla’s engineers have found a way to solve the problems Apple was facing.. But if you want to find out for yourself, the new wireless charging pad is now available for reservation at Tesla’s online store. The tycoon’s company points out that the first units will be shipped in February 2023, so they will not arrive for this Christmas.

Finally and in terms of specifications, Tesla’s wireless charging pad comes with an integrated USB-C cable and a 65W USB-C Adapter, plus a detachable and adjustable magnetic stand to put it on flat or angular shape for a better view of the device.