The Amazon Prime party throws the price of these Beats out the window

The Prime Offer Party is already underway on Amazon, and it brings with it very juicy discounts on Apple products. So if you want to get quality headphones, paying much less for them, we present you a Beats model that is currently reduced by 30%. So if you want to know all the details, we will tell you about them in this same post.

Beats headphones, although they have differences in the design line, are 100% Apple. Sound quality, integration with the product ecosystem and attractive design are the three pillars of the Beats Solo3 Wireless. Versatile, quality headphones, with many hours of battery life ahead of them.

Beats Solo3 Wireless with 30% discount on Prime

If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you have the Prime Offer Party at your disposal, where you can find very succulent discounts, like the one we bring you in this article. To be a Prime customer, all you have to do is sign up with this direct link, and you will be able to try the service for free and access the discounted price of these Beats (and many other products).

The Beats Solo3 Wireless that are on sale right now are the red ones. They provide up to 40 hours of autonomy with a single battery charge, and if you want to have a quick charge, in just 5 minutes we already have 3 hours of playback.

Beats sound quality shines through. The combination of its supraaural design and the technology it integrates makes everything we hear clear, balanced and we can distinguish the different levels of sound depth.

And if we talk about its connectivity, this model has Apple’s W1 processor. It connects to our iPhone, iPad or Mac in the same way that other AirPods headphones do, so we will have an instant connection, integrated within the Apple ecosystem.

The usual price for these headphones is €229.95. But thanks to the featured offer exclusive to Amazon Prime customers, Now they have a 30% discount and are only 159.99 euros. So we will be paying €69.96 less, directly.

Being an Amazon Prime customer has many advantages

This offer, along with hundreds of others, are available as benefits of the Amazon Prime service. But we are not only going to have a benefit in paying less for products. We will also have free shipping and in a very short time. And in many cases, in 24 hours we will have our products at home.

In addition to prices and shipping, we also have the entire Amazon Original catalog at hand, within the Prime Video streaming platform; free cloud storage service; streaming music thanks to Amazon Music; subscriptions to our free content creators thanks to Twitch Prime and, in certain cities, supermarket shopping service. All this for the same price!

If you are not registered with Amazon Prime, you can do so directly with this link that we leave you, so that you can try the service for free and, in the process, benefit from this discount. So take advantage and save!

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