The App Store has the most inclusive app in the world

Society is increasingly aware that each one is unique, exactly like the others, so that developers are increasingly releasing applications focused on those people who need help to communicate and understand the world around them. Therefore, today in the bitten apple, we are going to talk about one of the Applications that everyone should knowry because characteristics you have to install it on your device.

Seeing, the app for people

Seeing has an advanced technology of speech recognition that allows people with speech disabilities to communicate fluently and effectively. In addition, text recognition allows visually impaired users to read texts written in different languages ​​simply by pointing their device’s camera at the desired text.

Another of its features is that the application offers translation in real time in more than 50 languages. This function can be performed by any translator, but best of all, it includes sign language. This facilitates communication between people who speak different languages ​​or who use different forms of communication, such as sign language.

Also the Seeing app offers automatic descriptions for any content, be it video or audio, allowing people with visual disabilities to enjoy multimedia content in a more complete way.

Along with its ability to break down communication barriers between people with special needs, it also includes the accessible GPS function, which facilitates the mobility of people with visual disabilities, providing clear and precise instructions through voice and vibrations. In this way, users can move with greater confidence and security in their environment.


Finally, the application is compatible with assistive devicesuch as hearing aids, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices, and screen reading devices. This allows people with disabilities to use Seeing in conjunction with their assistive devices, further improving accessibility and the user experience.


Perhaps the point of Seeing that stands out the most from other apps is the generation of an application accessible and customizable that allows adapting to the needs of each user. The application allows personalize the size and contrast of the texts, as well as the type of font and the colors of the screen. Likewise, you can adjust the reading speed of the texts and the intensity of the sound, which allows each person to adapt the app to their specific needs.

iPhone 14 yellow with Pro Max Silver

By way of conclusion, the Seeing application has a virtual assistant that you can perform tasks like reading emails, searching for information online, setting reminders, and much more, all through voice commands. This assistant is especially useful for people with disabilities who may have difficulty navigating mobile devices or performing everyday tasks. oh! And if you thought it would be a paid application, it is completely free and its use allows developers to find bugs and improvements to one of the best apps on the App Store.

Seeing AI
Seeing AI