The Apple Car project suffers a new setback

Although there is nothing official from the company about the Apple Car, it is not that it is denying the rumors that arise about the project. It is true that a project exists, because we have heard and read many times how its protagonists are changing. It is also true that we do not know for sure at what point we have the project but what we do hear are many rumors on this subject. The last to arrive is not good at all, like the previous ones. looks like apple It is going to further reduce the characteristics of the future car of the company and in addition it is delayed again.

Bloomberg, the source of much information that began as rumors but ended up being a reality, affirms that the Apple Car project is not on the right track. Right now we find that this project has suffered numerous setbacks, especially delays. We have been talking about the autonomous car of the American company for some time, and each time we see that it is more and more delayed.

Right now, the new rumor continues on the same path and marks a new delay. We already have the umpteenth, as I was saying and it is not known when it will be ready. However, it may be sooner than expected because this same rumor brings about new bad news. Apple’s car will not be as autonomous as initially expected. Apple wanted to create a self-driving car without a steering wheel or pedals, but has decided that such a plan is not feasible at this time. The vehicle will have guided driving features that work on highways, but it will not be able to operate completely on its own at all times. What has been, something that we already know in the real world.

The car will have a custom processor designed by the company Apple itself, similar to Mac, iPhone and iPad. The chip it will carry, according to previous rumors, is equivalent to four of the highest-end Mac chips and is almost ready for production. It will include a custom suite of lidar sensors, radar sensors, and cameras, which will be able to provide the car with positioning information, lane data, and orientation in comparison to people and objects.

At the moment, they are all rumors, but It seems that we are getting closer to reality.