The Apple Pencil compatible with the iPhone was discarded at the last minute

According to a new rumor, Apple would have planned a new version of Apple Pencil compatible with iPhone 14 models and would have been released this year. However, according to Weibo, Apple scrapped plans for this version of the Apple Pencil that would have cost around $50 despite even going into production.

This version of Apple Pencil would not only have been compatible with iPhones, but It would also put an end to one of the biggest complaints about the Apple Pencil 1’s compatibility with the new 10th Generation iPad: its charging method.

The source comments that Apple had a new Apple Pencil ready and in production, codenamed “Marker”, which it was planning to launch in its September Keynote with the introduction of the new iPhone and Apple Watch. According to reports, Apple was targeting a price around $50 for this new pencil model, making it the cheapest Pencil, even below the first generation Apple Pencil and, of course, the Apple Pencil 2.

Given that price drop, Apple would cut back on functionality. This Apple Pencil apparently did not have pressure-sensing technology or its own battery (somewhat surprising). In lieu of this, Apple had apparently developed a chip that would be used to power the stylus through the screen. Something similar to what Samsung has been using for years in its S-Pen.

Where things get interesting is that this Apple Pencil would also apparently work with the iPhone. The first-generation Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2 don’t work with the iPhone, and it’s an idea Apple has contested in the past. It’s unclear why Apple scrapped plans for this “Marker” version of the Apple Pencil, but the decision would have come at the last minute. According to the rumors, Apple had already manufactured more than a million unitswhich is not an insignificant amount for an accessory that would probably be aimed at a very specific audience.

where we think it would really make sense this cheaper Apple Pencil is on the latest 10th generation iPad. Apple has suffered quite a bit of criticism and memes due to the fact that the iPad 10 features a USB-C port, but it still works only with the Lightning-equipped first-generation Apple Pencil. In the end, everything is solved with an adapter that Apple also sells. Round business?