Many times we think that minor devices do not have updates. We are talking, for example, about the AirTags that received a minor update a few days ago. However, they do not matter because Apple does not announce the new features introduced in each of the versions because they do not vary much in their operation. A few hours ago Apple decided release first Apple Pencil USB-C firmware update released a few weeks ago. Clearly we don’t have access to any release notes, but at least we know that they are working on improving the accessory.

The Apple Pencil USB-C already has its first update

In the same way that happens with AirTags or AirPods Apple regularly updates these devices and accessories with the only limitation that we cannot know what changes are included and that we cannot force the update because there is no way to force update.

On this occasion, Apple has released the first firmware update for the Apple Pencil USB-C under build code 10M5164. The version code is 35347.35347.16 and the name used is Apple Pencil Gen 3. It is a peculiar name because a version like this has never been released before, so it is interesting to see how Apple is renaming its firmware.


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As I said, there is no way to force the update. The only thing we can do is connect Apple Pencil USB-C to iPad or iPhone connected to a Wi-Fi network with a USB-C cable to try to force the update. We will see in a few weeks if there are any important changes, although we already anticipate that no extra functions or anything that surprises us will arrive in this new version.