One of the applications that may perhaps go unnoticed, but when it comes down to it, it is always up to the task of each of the users, it saves us from hellish queues and the processing and search are easy to do, is that of Apple Store on iOS. An application that has assured me on occasion that I was going to get the device I wanted.

There’s a new update for the Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad that adds new features focused on lists and saved items. The update also makes it easier to find more details about and around Apple Store locations. It is true that, in this application, detailed information about physical Apple Stores has always been offered, such as store hours, available purchase methods and details from Today at Apple. Today’s update expands on that with even more details about the locations, as well as their surroundings.

The benefits of having these lists in the Apple Store application is that they are makes it easy to save products for later and organize things that you want to buy at Apple. With the new version of the Apple Store app, you can now share those lists with other people.

As you may have imagined, the way to update is automatically, if you have it established. If not, you should form the update and how to do it by going to the App Store and see if the application in question requires our attention. If nothing pops up, we will have to wait a bit because it is possible that the new version has not yet landed, something that sounds strange to us, but it can happen.

These are the news:

  • Share Easily list saved items with your friends and family.
  • To access and continue shopping for your saved items in more places throughout the app.
  • Consult more details about our Apple Store locations and surrounding areas.

Enjoy it.