That a series or film released on the Apple platform is awarded prizes within the film and television sector, is nothing new. We all know the quality of the products that we can find in the ever-expanding catalog of AppleTV+.

But that one of those series, as is the case of «Silo» is the most viewed on the US charts is something else. It no longer only demonstrates its quality, but each time the Cupertino video platform is monopolizing more market share in the difficult war of streaming video platforms…

For a few weeks now we have been able to watch on Apple TV+ one of those that will undoubtedly be among the most watched series of the year. This is «Silo», an exciting science fiction series based on the novel by Hugh Howey. It has a first-rate cast, and amazing special effects. A whole blockbuster of those of Cupertino.

So this series, according to data published by Reelgood, has become the most watched streaming series in the United States. This is what appears when you consult the list of the ten most watched streaming programs from May 18 to 24. We always talk about seen in USA.

And we clarify this because the audience study that publishes reelgood It is based on what more than 5 million of its users see in real time, and thus it can extrapolate its figures at a national level.

So if you are a subscriber to Apple TV +, you can already be saving a little bit of your time to start watching the series “Silo”, and enjoy without a doubt one of the most watched series on the platform today, surpassing even the more than famous football coach ted lasso.