The Apple Vision Pro has already been hacked

It was the English-speaking news outlet Appleinsider who reported on a user of the social network X, who claims to have enabled a security hole with which homebrew and malware can be created. In fact, this user is Joseph Raichandran, a researcher and doctoral student at MIT, specializing in electronic microarchitectural security.

It was on the same day of launch

On the same day that the company's first mixed reality headset has been available on the market for purchase, a kernel exploit has been created, which allows you to release the software and enable the possibility of jailbreaking. From Appleinsider they explain that “potentially, it is the first that has been discovered and publicized.”

In the images in the publication you can see how the operating system of the glasses, visionOS, goes into a loop and crashes, displaying error dialog boxes, as well as prompts asking the user to remove the device, because this one needs to reboot. The maximum time indicated is 30 seconds for the glasses to turn on again.

The world's first(?) kernel exploit for Vision Pro- on launch day!

February 5, 2024 • 12:02

Vision Pro Crasher

The fact that there is already a possibility of hacking the glasses also implies that the first applications have emerged with which to execute processes not authorized by the brand. From the same medium they also share a publication by the same author, in which An application called Vision Pro Crasher is seenwhich has the sole objective of violating the security of the operating system to cause it to crash and enter a loop.

When the device crashes it switches to full passthrough and displays a warning to remove the device in 30 seconds so it can reboot. Pretty cool

February 5, 2024 • 12:02

Does Apple already know this?

One of the big questions that arises is whether Apple is already aware of the situation. Even if security holes are found, which in this case are very important, the truth is that these can be reported to the company to inform them that such a problem exists. All developers can report these types of system vulnerabilities through Apple's official reporting portal.

If these types of problems can be reported, Californians can release software updates that can correct these errors. Nevertheless, “It is not clear if the researcher has reported these bugs to Apple.”

The most striking thing about the whole matter is the “extreme early phase”, as reported by Appleinsider, in which security flaws have been reported that allow the system to be compromised. It has not taken even twenty-four hours for the software to burst, since the glasses have been put on sale to the general public, within the United States market.