WWDC24 is just around the corner and with that moment will arrive the new operating systems of the Big Apple for next year, all of them decked out with new artificial intelligence functions. However, we cannot forget about the Apple Vision Pro, one of the largest and most exclusive products from the Big Apple, and its imminent expansion process to more countries. In fact, new information suggests that Apple will expand Vision Pro sales after WWDC24 to more countries among those who would be found Germany, France, Australia, among others.

Apple Vision Pro internationally: will arrive in more countries very soon

Apple's plans are more than clear. After the success in the presentation and sales of the Vision Pro in the United States, Cupertino has begun to train employees from other continents to start selling glasses in other countries. This is how they have published it from Bloomberg, who claim that Apple has transferred hundreds of its employees from all over the world to Cupertino to train them on how to show the Vision Pro and how to manage the sale and reservation of this very exclusive product.

Apple Vision Pro


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Apparently The expansion would begin after WWDC24, so it would not be unreasonable to think that Tim Cook and his team would take advantage of the event's loudspeaker to announce new countries where the Vision Pro would be available for purchase in the second half of 2024. Those countries would be Australia Japan, France, Germany, South Korea, Singapore and China. Of course, the expansion is international, going from the American continent to Europe and Asia.

Although analysts consider that the expectation for the Vision Pro has decreased in recent months, it is expected that the presentation of visionOS 2, the operating system for Apple glasses, will give renewed impetus and they will be able to relaunch the sale correctly throughout the world.