The bad news continues for those who were expecting an Apple Watch 10th Anniversary with a new design and many new features. The reality is that There will be few changes, although some are interesting..

The next Apple Watch was going to be a “new” Apple Watch to take advantage of the tenth anniversary of its presentation, or at least that is what has been rumored for months. But at this point it is very unlikely that this will happen because the rumors point to a continuation model with an increase in screen and little elseAnd today Mark Gurman has put the final nail in the coffin of the few hopes we had left.

We told you a few days ago how the Apple Watch 10 screen was going to increase in size to the point of matching the screen of the Apple Watch Ultra. 45mm for the smaller model and 49mm for the larger one, plus a slimmer design. Well, Gurman confirms this rumor, and basically tells us that this could be the only new feature on Apple's next smartwatch. What about blood pressure and sleep apnea sensors? It seems that Apple is having trouble implementing these features on its watch, for different reasons.

optical sensor

The blood pressure measurement is being less accurate than Apple expected, according to sources Gurman cites in his weekly newsletter. So it seems that this functionality could be delayed, or if it were to be implemented, it would not give an accurate measurement with a voltage figure, but would inform us that there is a variation in the voltage figures you have, indicating that it is high, nothing more. As for the sleep apnea detectionsince it has to use oxygen saturation measurement and is a feature that cannot be used in the United States due to the litigation against Masimo Corp, it seems unlikely that it can be launched this year unless an agreement is reached before then.

Apple Watch Ultra

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Finally, a plastic Apple Watch could appear in the not-too-distant future, with the aim of competing with other smartwatches that are cheaper than the Apple Watch. Replacing aluminum with plastic would lower the price of the smartwatch and would allow it to compete against Samsung's Galaxy Watch FE, which costs less than $200.