This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch and The new model will have a slimmer design and an increased screen which will take it up to 49 millimeters, the same as that of the Apple Watch Ultra.

The Apple Watch turns 10, and as happened with the iPhone X, this year's model is expected to have, for the first time since its launch, a major design change. On the one hand, its thickness will decrease, but it will also have a change that will be more important for the user: the screen size will increase in both models. Thus, the small Apple Watch will have a 45 millimeter screen, while the largest model will go up to 49 millimeters..

The screen size of the Apple Watch has been increasing since its launch. Originally the screen sizes of the Apple smartwatch were 38 and 42 millimeters, until with the Apple Watch Series 4 they increased to 40 and 44 millimeters. Upon reaching the Series 7, the sizes rose to 41 and 45 millimeters, which have been maintained until the latest models launched last year. In 2022 with the arrival of the Ultra model, with a sportier and larger design, the first Apple Watch model appeared with a 49 millimeter screen. If the changes that Ming Chi Kuo tells us today are confirmed, the smallest Apple Watch will have the same screen size as the current large model, and the large model would have a screen the same size as the Ultra model.

The bad news is that no significant changes are expected in the Ultra model, except for a new darker color that was already rumored last year but was not finally confirmed. This year we could see a titanium black Apple Watch Ultra, but otherwise the exterior design would remain the same. It remains to be known if this new Apple Watch that turns 10 years old will be called “Apple Watch X” or will it simply be an Apple Watch Series 10.