The Apple Watch blacklist

The Apple Watch was the first device that Tim Cook presented as CEO of the bitten apple company, with the aim of becoming the best friend of the iPhone. Despite some difficult beginnings, after eight generations, the Apple Watch has become the undisputed leader in its sector. However, in 2023 there are Watches that are not a good option due to their age and hardware features. If you want to know the Apple Watch Blackliststay in the article.

The Apple Watch SE

The second generation Apple Watch SE is an incredible value for money device, which launched in September 2022. However, the first generationdespite the fact that it retains the same design as the current one, it supposes the opposite effect, since it has several years on the marketan old processor and above all, if you have a latest generation iPhone, it is possible that this device is no longer compatible with it because Apple stops supporting it.

Also, the improvement of watchOS and hardwaresuch as the incorporation of new sensors more focused on the Health and security such as menstrual cycle control or accident detection, are not available in the previous version. Lastly, this device is discontinued from the App Store, and it is likely that it is also on many third-party platforms such as Amazon, Yaphone or MediaMark, so the only way to acquire it is through second-hand sale or personal purchase, where the battery may be severely degraded.

Apple WatchSeries 6

The Apple Watch Series 6, despite sharing a large similar with the latest models, is a device that is in a situation similar to the first generation Apple Watch SE. Due to said similarity, it makes it more advisable to acquire the Apple Watch being 8 or series 7, two incredible devices and that, the first of them you can buy on the official page and the second of them, will probably continue to be available on many third-party platforms, even in some Apple Store Premium or Reseller, promoting some offers to finish the available stock.

Regarding their prices, on third-party platforms it will be around a similar price to the second generation Apple Watch SE, so it is more advisable to purchase this new Apple Watch and with better features despite having an older design. In the event that you are looking for a device in thrift stores or third-party platforms, it is important to know the state of the battery and, depending on the price, it may be more cost-effective to purchase the series 7 as indicated above with a good one offer.

All models before 2021

The iPhone blacklist is completed by all devices from Apple Watch before 2021, due to multiple reasons, such as hardware, features, software and because they are devices that last for at least three years. It is true that a 3-year-old iPhone is still a very interesting device. A clear example is the iPhone 11 Pro, with a fairly solvent operation today.

apple watch series 5 sale

The Apple Watch, despite having a less intense performance than the iPhone, with three years of operation, it is possible that its fluidity and user experience not be the most satisfactory, both due to battery degradation and, above all, due to the lack of new sensors of hardware that enhance our security and improve our health. In addition, acquiring this device now forces you to be careful when choosing a new iPhone to avoid having compatibility problems in the future.