The body temperature sensor was one of the supposed novelties that the new Apple Watch model, the 7 series, would include, however according to Ming Chi Kuo, we will have to wait for Series 8.

Bad news for those who were waiting for the new Apple Watch: one of the new functions that were expected in the model that will arrive after this summer has been withdrawn by Apple. The reason? Failure to meet the company’s stringent quality requirements, which has decided to postpone the inclusion of the body temperature sensor until next year. The information has been given by Ming Chi Kuo in a series of tweets in which he explained the exact reasons for this delay.

The problems that Apple has experienced when measuring body temperature have to do with the fact that the temperature of the skin varies rapidly depending on the ambient temperature. Since Apple cannot measure core temperature (the “good”), this functionality was based on measuring skin temperature and applying algorithms so that, depending on different factors, such as environmental temperature, the real temperature could be estimated. of the body.

The core temperature is the temperature inside our body. Since we cannot easily measure the temperature of our interior, we usually use the temperature of other more accessible areas such as the armpit, mouth, eardrum and rectum, because their values ​​are very approximate. None of these areas are close to where we place our Apple Watchthat where you can measure the temperature directly is on the wrist, an unreliable place for this measurement, which is why suitable algorithms are necessary to give us more reliable measurements.

Apple has not managed to make its algorithms allow a reliable measurement of body temperature, so before launching a functionality that works poorly, it has preferred to delay its implementation until next year’s Apple Watch. As Kuo added, Samsung is experiencing the same issues with the Galaxy Watch 5.