The Apple Watch Series 7 cheaper than ever on Amazon

With the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 8, Apple, as usual, has removed the previous version from its Apple Store, that is, the Apple Watch Series 7. The differences between the two watches are practically non-existent, but in addition, the Series 8 has risen in price, so if you add to this that the Series 7 has a great discount on Amazon, the purchase of this becomes practically irresistible.

discounts available

As usual within the Cupertino company, whenever a new Apple Watch is released, the previous one is discontinued, leaving users without the option of being able to acquire it. Fortunately, in other establishments they usually have more units, and it is just what happens in Amazon, that you have this Apple Watch Series 7 available, and on top of that, cheaper, that is to say, that the price drop that Apple should have made, makes it Amazon. A few lines below we will tell you the reason why acquiring this Series 7 is the best option you can have, but before that, we leave you the available discounts.

  • apple watch gps
    • 41mm case
      • Red color: no discount.
      • Blue color: not available
      • Star white color: not available
      • Midnight color: 46 euros discount.
      • Green color: 34 euros discount.
    • 45mm case
      • Red color: 54 euros discount.
      • Blue color: 40 euros discount.
      • Star white color: 34 euros discount.
      • Midnight color: 83 euros discount.
      • Green color: 60 euros discount.

  • Apple Watch GPS + Cellular
    • 41mm case
      • Red color: 50 euros discount.
      • Blue color: 50 euros discount.
      • Star white color: 70 euros discount.
      • Midnight color: 62 euros discount.
      • Green color: 34 euros discount.
    • 45mm case
      • Red color: 60 euros discount.
      • Blue color: 50 euros discount.
      • Star white color: 92 euros discount.
      • Midnight color: 60 euros discount.
      • Green color: 50 euros discount.

Buy the Series 7 before the Series 8?

The launch of the Apple Watch Series 8 is surely one of the most discreet renovations that Apple has made in recent years. In fact, the most innovative thing that it has included, such as the body temperature sensor, is only really usable by the female gender, since it is completely focused on the control of the menstrual cycle.

apple watch face

If you add to this, as we mentioned before, that the price of the Apple Watch Series 8 has risen compared to the one that the Series 7 had when it went on the market, the purchase of the latter with a good discount as we have presented in this post, is really done Irresistible. Keep in mind that, in the end, you will be able to do the same functions in one watch as in another, but with the Series 7 you will save a good amount of money that, if you want, you can spend on one more strap for your Apple Watch.

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