The Apple Watch Series 8 much cheaper than at Apple

One of the most common gifts during Christmas are sports and smart watches, and of course, in this category it is very difficult to find an alternative that is capable of surpassing the Apple Watch Series 8 in performance. Well, how do you stay if I tell you that on Amazon you have an offer with which you can save a good amount of money when buying it? Keep reading and we will tell you.

discounts available

Finding the latest products from the Cupertino company at a lower price than Apple itself sells through its stores is something really complicated, well, that’s exactly what happens with the Apple Watch Series 8 on Amazon, which has a really attractive discount. This is the latest model, together with the Apple Watch Ultra, when it hits the market and, of course, it is a fantastic opportunity to either change your old Apple Watch or simply finally introduce yourself to this world of smartwatches. Below we leave you the discounts available.

  • Apple Watch GPS 41mm
    • White star color: 24 euros discount.
    • Red color: 21 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 24 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 24 euros discount.
  • Apple Watch GPS 45mm
    • White star color: 30 euros discount.
    • Red color: 30 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 30 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 30 euros discount.

  • Apple Watch GPS + Cellular 41mm
    • White star color: 23 euros discount.
    • Red color: 23 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 23 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 30 euros discount.
  • Apple Watch GPS + Cellular 45mm
    • White star color: 30 euros discount.
    • Red color: no discount.
    • Midnight color: 33 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 30 euros discount.

Is an Apple Watch worth it?

This question has two really different answers, and that is that if you have never had an Apple Watch, it may be difficult for you to see at first. Is it really worth paying this amount of money? to do little more than see the time, however, the reality is quite different, since with the Apple Watch surely the least you do is look at the time. With this Series 8 you will be able to control different vital signs of your body such as pulse or blood oxygen, it will help you measure your daily activity as well as record each and every one of the workouts you do, not to mention the big store of applications that it has so that you can find the one that meets your needs at all times. Of course, acquiring an Apple Watch is worth it.

Blood Oxygen Apple Watch

Now, in case you already have one, everything will depend on the model you are using and depending on it, it may be more or less worth changing from one to another. The reality is that in recent generations this device has not changed much, since Apple has been adding small functions and sensors that have obviously made it more complete. Therefore, if you have a Apple Watch Series 5 or earliersurely it is worth the change of model.

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