The Apple Watch Series 8 takes 5 days to calibrate your temperature

Apple has published a new support document for the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra with details about the new temperature sensor built into the Series 8 and Ultra. In this detail, Apple talks about how devices They need up to 5 nights to be able to determine the base temperature of the wrist from which they will make the measurements of temperature changes.

The new watches from Apple, the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra, They have two different temperature sensors, one on the back of the device that directly contacts our wrist and another just below the screen.. While the user sleeps with the Apple Watch on, it takes temperature samples every 5 seconds. According to Apple, this is done to reduce the impact of ambient temperature on measurements.

Your body temperature naturally fluctuates and can vary each night due to your diet and exercise, alcohol consumption, sleep environment, or physiological factors such as menstrual cycles and illness. After about 5 nights, your Apple Watch will determine your baseline wrist temperature and identify nightly changes in it.

Apple also mentions that the “Sleep” functionality within the Health app, must be activated to track sleep with Apple Watch, along with rest focus mode for at least 4 hours for 5 nights. In this way, users will be able to check the measurements of our body within “Wrist temperature” also within the Health app.

Apple, as usual, reminds us that the Apple Watch is not a medical device and that it should not be used for medical purposes. It’s not a thermometer either. and it does not measure temperature on demand, but rather measures changes in temperature on our wrist. In addition, wearing the Apple Watch loosely can also affect the quality of its temperature measurements.

Apple promotes from the Keynote of last day 7 that these new sensors allow us to improve our predictions as users about when we are ovulating (in case of female gender), but the support document suggests that keeping a record of the temperature during the night also allows us to know our general health status.

For all those who do not want to have this functionality, you can disable it in the Apple Watch app inside our iPhone, in privacy and Wrist Temperature.