The Apple Watch Series 9 will arrive in September and thanks to a small (albeit very important) change, it will have greater autonomy compared to its predecessors. This change is none other than include the A15 processor itself that Apple already included in the iPhone 13. All this according to Gurman has been able to share in his newsletter Power On in Bloomberg.

The current Apple Watch Series 8, in the same way as its predecessor, the Series 7, incorporates a “vitaminated” S6 chip (very similar to this one) that also incorporated the Apple Watch Series 6. That is, Apple has kept practically the same chip for 3 years in a row. At least as far as speed improvements are concerned.

Gurman affirms that the future Series 9 chip will be a “new processor” rather than a new renamed to the S6 that it has been equipping and believes that It will be a chip based on the A15 of the iPhone 13. Thanks to this chip and the technology it equips, the Apple Watch Series 9 will have greater speed but above all efficiency, thus increasing the autonomy of the device and reducing charging times.

Also, incorporate This new chip makes a lot of sense to enhance the features that are rumored and that Apple plans to incorporate into watchOS 10. Let’s remember that Apple will do a total facelift to the Watch operating system with a radical change in the user interface and the incorporation of widgets.

Finally, no significant design changes are expected for the Series 9 compared to the Series 8. Maybe we can see that next year with the Apple Watch… X?