The Apple Watch Series X gains strength, but does it make sense?

They continue, continue, increase the rumors that Apple would be working on a new Apple Watch special edition for next year and that has been dubbed as Apple Watch Series X (for continuing with the nomenclature it had with the tenth anniversary of the iPhone). Apple would also be working on a new Apple Watch SE that it (also) would include a larger screen and would arrive in 2024 (this will depend on which analyst we ask, in this case, David Hsieh, from Omdia, indicates next year. But there have also been rumors from iPhoneSoft that indicate this same year).

According to David Hsieh, the new Series X will bring two screen sizesstarting at 1.89 inches and going up to an even larger 2.04 inches, which increases by 5 and 10% respectively the size of the current Series 8 screen and surpassing the 1.93 inches of the Apple Watch Ultra.

About the nomenclatureDavid Hsieh says that is not yet confirmed, that Apple Watch Series X is only for being similar to the iPhone X since it would be the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch. Let’s remember that the first Apple Watch was presented in September 2024 and went on sale in April 2015.

And speaking of the third generation Apple Watch SE. Hsieh hopes the displays will have the Same size as the Apple Watch Series 8 today, obtaining smaller frames than the current one (which we remember continues with the design introduced in the Series 4). It would be available in 41mm and 45mm cases vs. the current 40mm and 44mm. Furthermore, by giving 2024 dates for these changes, Hsieh expects a continuist Apple Watch Series 9 this 2023 with the same size as the Series 8.

On the other hand, in line with Ross Young and Jeff Pu, and as we told you in Actualidad iPhone, Hsieh hopes that the next model of Apple Watch Ultra will increase the screen size to 2.13 inches.

Opinion about it

The Apple Watch Ultra is big. Very big. And a lot of people can’t carry it (let’s put price aside and talk about design) because your wrist does not match this size (and there are many cases). Now imagine that the Apple Watch Series X had a larger screen than the current Apple Watch Ultra (and a “similar” case). This could have a high impact on Apple Watch sales for people who currently buy a 45mm size and that they cannot go to a larger size. They would be forcing many users to buy the smaller box modelhaving a lower price and we know that Apple does not usually act like this.

Apple has been increasing the size of the Apple Watch from the original, through Series 4 until later reaching the final model that it would maintain until Series 8. A single “radical” increase in size in these 8 years: the Ultra. I see it as unlikely that Apple would risk so much with an Apple Watch Series X where what stands out the most is the size of the screen. A special 10th anniversary edition? Possibly, but I don’t think it comes at the cost of exponentially increasing the size. Surely it is in favor of new features, colors or details (such as having almost no frames). A bigger screen? It can be, but It would not be at the cost of a very large increase in the box.