Not even a year ago Apple introduced us to the new Apple Watch Ultra and we already have the first rumors of its next renewal. And it is that it is the first Apple Watch that created great expectations after the launch of the new models, the Apple Watch that arrived after a few years of incessant rumors, and we finally have it with us. What will come? in 2024 we could have a new Apple Watch Ultra with a new even bigger Micro LED screen. Keep reading that we tell you all the details of these rumors.

The rumor has been launched by rumormonger jeff puand everything seems after having removed data published by Apple to its investors. Jeff also talks about how Apple expects the Apple Watch sales decrease during the year 2023 due to the “lack of significant updating of its specifications”, and it is that everything seems to point to the fact that for the moment it will be the Apple Watch Ultra that will see its characteristics gain in the coming years. That is why we will have to wait until 2024 to see a new advance in this Apple Watch with the arrival of Micro LED technology to your screen as opposed to the OLED display. Micro LED technology will also allow some higher brightness levels with better color accuracy.

And yes, as we tell you, the Apple Watch Ultra screen is also expected to grow with the arrival of Micro LED technology. We would be talking about a 2.1-inch screen in 2024, compared to the 1.93 inches we have in the current model. Of course, growth can come thanks to the reduction of bevels that will give more space to the Apple Watch Ultra screen. And you, will you wait for a new model or do you already want to have the Apple Watch Ultra on your wrist?