The Apple Watch Ultra is compatible with current 45mm straps.

Without a doubt, the brand new Apple Watch Ultra has become the star of the Apple event that we have witnessed this afternoon. And it has its merit, since Apple’s September keynote is always reserved for the presentation of the new iPhones of each year.

And as usual, in a keynote with so many new features, you can’t explain everything about the new devices presented. So over the next few days we will be discovering other new features of these Apple gadgets. At the moment a curiosity: the current straps of the 45 mm Apple Watch they are compatible with the new Apple Watch Ultra.

A few hours ago, Apple presented us with the long-rumored Apple Watch Ultra for weeks. A new smartwatch from Apple, which although it has a larger casing, 49mmit is compatible with the current straps of its 42, 44 and 45mm Apple Watch cousins.

That means new bands specific to Apple Watch Ultra, like the trail-loop, Alpine Loop Y Ocean Band They are designed specifically for the new Apple smartwatch. They are listed by the company as 49mm straps, but are compatible with current 42, 44 and 45mm Apple Watches.

The only problem is that the fixing of these new straps, have same finish as Apple Watch Ultraso a color change would be noticeable if you put it on a classic aluminum Apple Watch.

If you are interested in purchasing an Apple Watch Ultra, or one of its straps for your current Apple Watch, you can now reserve them in the Apple online store. Of course, you will have to wait until the next 16 of September, day that Apple will begin to deliver the first orders. That same day you can also go to a physical Apple Store and buy them without any problem.