The Apple Watch Ultra shows you the temperature of the water while you swim or dive

Much had been said about the possibility of incorporating the measurement of the body temperature of the new Apple Watch Series 8. Finally it has been, and this new feature is now a reality.

What nobody knew is that in the new sports model, the Apple Watch Ultra, this temperature control functionality goes much further, and is also capable of measuring the temperature of the water. And this time it does show you the value in degrees, like any digital thermometer would.

The new Apple Watch Ultra has the ability to measure water temperature while diving, swimming or practicing any other water sports. For this, the same temperature sensor that already incorporates the 8 series of the Apple Watch to measure the user’s body temperature.

Although it works in a much more precise way, since while in the Apple Watch Series 8 said sensor only indicates the temperature changes between different shots to the different applications, the Apple Watch Ultra does show you on the screen the real temperature of the water in its value of degreeslike any digital thermometer.

This is because a measurement of body temperature at the wrist is not very accurate, so Apple has decided do not show a figure in degrees (Fahrenheit or Celsius) to avoid confusion, on the Apple Watch Series 8.

The new Apple Watch Ultra is also the most watersports-ready Apple Watch. owns the EN 13319 certificationthe international standard for diving accessories such as depth gauges trusted by professional divers.

The new Apple Watch Ultra is now available to reserve from the moment the event ended this past Wednesday. It has a price of 999 euros (GPS+LTE). Apple will start shipping it to customers next Friday, September 23.