The Apple Watch will have a new screen… but from 2025

The change in technology on the screen of future Apple Watch has been talked about for a long time and also, according to various reports in recent months, Apple Watch is expected to switch from OLED to micro-LED in the future. However, analyst Ross Young indicated yesterday that Apple would have already decided to delay the change.

Analyst Jeff Pu also reported in January that an Apple Watch Ultra with tmicro-LED technology and a larger display was on the way by 2024. Bloomberg corroborated that report soon after, stating that Apple would equip the displays of the “highest-end Apple Watch” with micro-LEDs by the end of 2024.

However, as I commented at the beginning of the post, in a new publication on Twitter, Analyst Ross Young claims that Apple has already delayed this change to the second half of 2025 at the earliest.. He hasn’t given any further details about the delay, but with deadlines this far out, delays and production issues are to be expected.

To put the whole display thing in context, the Apple Watch has used OLED displays since the first model launched in 2015. Micro-LED panels offer a number of improvements over OLED. For example, micro-LED technology can achieve higher brightness levels and provide more consistent color output that OLED.

Micro-LED technology is also much more energy efficient than OLED, something especially important in a device like the Apple Watch, where we have already had a great increase with the Ultra, but imagine for a second what we could achieve with a screen (on top of Always-On) much more efficient. Would we be talking about 3-4 days of autonomy? let’s dream

On the other hand, and giving more footing to the change to micro-LED technology, Bloomberg has described the new generation screens of the Apple Watch as “brighter, with more vivid colors and the ability to be seen better at an angle.”

This transition to micro-LED for the Apple Watch also comes hand in hand when Apple is thinking of starting to use its own screens for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Currently, let’s remember, those of Cupertino depend on partners such as Samsung and LG for the screens used in the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.