The bad news for Apple that is good for users

Not all bad news is bad in and of itself. Depending on the perspective, bad news for some may be good news for others. That is just what happens with a current development of Apple. In this post we tell you what it consists of and we analyze why it is good news for potential future buyers of this new device.

It breaks Apple’s plans, but it benefits us consumers

If the river makes a noise its because water is running. And rumors about Apple’s AR/VR reality headset are making waves. Despite the fact that it is the first time that Apple has fully entered this world, the expectation that it has generated is not little. And it is precisely this expectation that would have forced Apple to delay the output of this final product.

The Bloomberg portal reports that “Apple delays the debut of its mixed reality viewer for two months, until June. This device would represent its first new ‘major category’ since 2015”. The concept “major category” refers to the fact that the product they are going to present will occupy a main product line. While AirPods and HomePod are important products, AirPods started out as a plug-in, while HomePod falls under the “TV & Home” heading.

The Last “Big Core Product Line” It was in 2015, thanks to the Apple Watch. And everything indicates that this new viewer would be released as a product in itself, and not as an accessory or complement to other existing devices. “According to the latest reports, Apple’s viewer will cost around $3,000,” they explain from 9to5Mac.

The virtual, augmented and mixed reality sector is beginning to flourish. And the price of all “new” technology is significantly higher at its inception. Apple is aware of that, and knows that for that price level, You cannot offer a product with limited features and few applications. From 9to5Mac they explain that “the company definitely needs more time to polish the experience of the headphones.” Similarly, “this will also give Apple more time to produce more units of the headphones.”

All to WWDC

Apple’s big event in June is WWDC. There, once a year, all the developers gather to publicize all the potential they can bring to the ecosystem of systems and devices. And for a $3,000 product not to be a dismal flop, “Apple You might want to better understand this market and its potential customers. They need developers more than ever to make this product attractive ”, they explain.

WWDC 2021

Originally, this augmented/mixed/virtual reality viewer was going to be presented between April and May. In addition, it is known that it is going to be a very complex hardware. It is expected to have the M2 processor, two micro-LED screens in 4K resolution and sensors for movement and gesture detection. 9toMac explains that “putting all of this into a portable accessory is certainly not easy, and it won’t be cheap either”.

An important fact that is not known for sure is what kind of “reality” this new viewer will embrace. Will it be virtual reality, augmented reality, or will it have components of both and be a case of mixed reality? Manzana already recharges batteries for the month of June and, although there are still a few months to go, only time will tell if this delay has been worth it.