The benefits of traveling with Apple

The famous Apple ecosystem is one of the reasons why users decide to bet on the products of the Cupertino company. Well, when traveling this ecosystem and the products that make it up provide a series of advantages that you have to know and that, here at La Manzana Mordida, we are going to tell you through this post.

Traveling with Apple and its products

When traveling, if the kilometers are not covered by car or motorcycle, the most common thing is to have to get a ticket, be it a plane, train or bus, and that is where the App Walletor Wallet, whatever you want to call it, since Apple will allow you carry the tickets digitally within your iPhone, without having to take out the ticket itself or print it at any time. In addition, for users who, in addition to having an iPhone, also have an Apple Watch, these tickets can also be used through the watch, so you won’t even have to take out your iPhone to get on the train or plane.

And since we are talking about Wallet, another of the great conveniences it provides is that, just as you can carry your tickets there, you can also enter your credit cards to pay through Apple Pay. In this way you will avoid the possibility of losing them or even having them stolen, not to mention the convenience of paying with the iPhone, or even with the Apple Watch.

One of the advantages of Apple Pay is that it also allows you not to have to carry your credit card with you, something that does not happen with your ID or driving license, and for this Apple also has the solution through his famous portfolio, which is also known as Wallet. This is made of very high quality leather, but it has two key characteristics, the MagSafe technologywhich will allow you to always carry it attached to your iPhone, and the option to search for it in case you lose it, all through the app Search from your iPhone.

iPad Air + iPhone

One of the key points of the Apple product catalog is that when it comes to offering alternatives for work in mobility, has a series of equipment that are ideal for this. From the iPad Air or iPad Prowhich combined with Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil They are ideal tools for working on a plane or train, up to the MacBook Air or MacBook Prowhich also have the design and the appropriate characteristics to be able to transport them with total ease, being able to work with them practically anywhere.

Finally, if we talk about traveling, you cannot miss the headphones, and it is that in this sense there are two that stand out above the rest thanks to an essential feature, noise cancellation. Whether it’s to disconnect and isolate yourself from noise, or to find the concentration you need, both the AirPods Pro Like the AirPods Max They are ideal for this, and once you try them, you will see how they become one of your travel essentials.