The best Apple headphones, at a ridiculous price at Media Markt

If you like the offers, with (quality) music you will like them even more. If you are looking for studio headphones that offer sound quality and power, and you want to go for ones from the Apple brand, the Beats Studio Pro are the best option we have right now. And at Media Markt they cost much less. Do you want to know all the details? Shall we tell you about them below?

Apple has hit the table in the field of audio, this 2023, thanks to the Beats Studio Pro. These headphones, with the Beats seal, are covering a market segment that the AirPods Max have not managed to cover. And they also do it at a much lower price, and with features of the AirPods Max that we have seen corrected in this model. So, we have an excellent combination in terms of performance and quality, but paying much less for them.

The Beats Studio Pro, now with a 25% discount at Media Markt

Before showing you the final price that you will be able to pay on offer, we are going to give you a brief introduction so that you know why these headphones are special, if we take into account what they offer us and what we will end up paying for them.

To start, they have the best of the technology in the Apple ecosystem. They are integrated into the Search network, have a very fast connection and have functions such as active noise cancellation or spatial audio. And if we look at the physical section, we can connect them by cable and thus take advantage of the maximum potential of the audio quality, without it having losses due to the conversion of Lightning to analog sound.

In addition to this, we have up to 40 hours of battery life and a spectacular and robust design, as well as very comfortable. Thus, in the same package we find very attractive features. And the best news of all is that this packaging will not be expensive at all.

These models now cost less

The Beats Studio pro has a regular price of 399 euros through the Apple Store. However, now at Media Markt, and until next November 27, these have a 25% discount, which translates into paying 100 euros less for them.

Therefore, we will be paying a final price of 299 euros, without trap or cardboard. We are talking about a medium price range, as far as headphones are concerned. And if we look “inside the house” and take into account the features of the AirPods Max, they are 100% Apple headphones that make up for much more.

As for the model that is priced at 299 euros at Media Markt, it is the Sand color one. So, if in addition to money, you also want to save time, below we leave you a direct link so you can get it.

beats studio pro arena offer

To all this, we must add a special promotion from Media Markt, with which we can get up to 4 months of Apple Arcade for free. This way, if you like to play video games that look spectacular, now you will be able to hear them much better and thus get fully into the game.