The best Apple Music playlists for Christmas

The growth of Apple Music in recent years has been really frantic, and it is that with so little time to live it is being able to stand up to the king of this sector that is Spotify. Much of the blame lies with the wide variety of music that you can find on the platform, therefore, in this post we want to give you the playlists that you have to put on this Christmas, yes or yes.

Playlists for this Christmas

As we said before, one of the strengths of Apple Music, in addition to the fact that it works like a charm within the Apple ecosystem, especially taking into account the integration with HomePod and HomePod mini, is the great variety within its catalog. In fact, the number of songs that Apple Music has is greater than that of Spotify, the latter having many more years of life than that of Apple.

This huge catalog makes variety one of its strong points, and that obviously leads to the playlists that the platform itself also offers to all subscribers. This, added to the fact that it is one of the services of the Cupertino company that is available on all platforms, means that many users, even if they do not have Apple devices, can enjoy the aforementioned variety of music.

Taking into account the Christmas dates, Apple Music is key to being able to best set the scene for those family gatherings, hangouts with friends or, why not say it, the holidays so celebrated during this time of year. Therefore, below we leave you several playlists that will be great for you these days.

  • Replay 2022. One of the list that cannot be missing is your compilation of the most listened to songs of this year. If you enter Apple Music, it will be the platform itself that will offer you to listen to this very special list.
  • Christmas songs: essential. In this list you will be able to listen to the most recognized classics of these dates, typical 60s pop jewels together with rock versions of Christmas carols that everyone is sure to know. One of the most suitable lists for those family gatherings.
  • disney holiday hits. On many occasions, in these family gatherings or with friends there are young children who are fascinated by the Disney universe, and obviously, there also has to be a moment for them. Well, with this special list from Disney, you will surely be able to make them smile.
  • Pop Hits for the Holidays. One of the lists that your guests will appreciate the most. In it you can find those songs that will make practically everyone who meets you smile. A “must” at these parties.
  • today’s hits. This playlist is completely recommended for any time of the year, since in the end it is about the songs that are most listened to around the world, those that we all have in our heads and that we like to listen to at any time. Also, obviously, it is updated every week with the best songs of the moment.
  • pure exercise. Christmas is a time when getting together with family and friends also invites you to eat, eat a lot. For this reason, exercising on these dates is also one of the most recommended activities, and with this playlist you will have that motivation that may be lacking these days.

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