The best Apple products that I can buy on Wallapop

Apple is characterized by offering high quality products and constant updates over the years. Even if your device is not supported, Apple provides security updates to keep your device safe. The longevity of Apple products has its advantages, because you have a product for many years, but also important consequences in certain products such as.

What products are not recommended to buy in Wallapop?

In Wallapop you can find practically all Apple products, from iPhone to Beats and even discontinued products such as the iPod touch are sometimes sold. This amalgamation of products means that many users do not really know What product is recommended to buy in Wallapop and therefore, that it may be a good idea to buy in an official Apple store or third-party store, because that higher outlay also includes a guarantee that the product works correctly.

In the first place, the products that a priori may be a less recommended option are all those devices whose battery has a higher degree of deterioration, specifically, the AirPods Pro, Apple Watch and to a lesser extent the AirTag. These products have a lower battery and if users have intense use, it is possible that the AirPods have a battery capacity of 80%, so the hours of active duration will be very little.

The same situation is found for the Apple Watch whose autonomy is around a day or a day and a half at most. A device with normal use and with a duration of one year, the battery may be degraded, so the user experience will be very negative. Unlike the products mentioned above, the AirTag they may have the same state of degradation as these, but you can easily replace the battery because it has batteries that you can buy at any store.

In this type of circumstance, the best option is to buy a new product because, it is possible that soon you will have to replace the battery and suffer an increase in the official price of the product. Remember that even if you change the battery, the product will be second-hand, so it may have marks from bumps and scratches.

What products are worth buying on Wallapop?

There are many Apple products that if they deserve to buy in Wallapop because if the price can be a difference between buying a second-hand one and buying a new one. Specifically, we refer to the most classic Apple devices: Mac, iPhone and iPad. It is possible that these products have many battery cycles and have some degradation, but the battery replacement can be extended in time, since a MacBook can turn it into a desktop in the worst case and an iPhone with an external battery can have plenty of autonomy for the whole day.

If the degradation over time is already noticeable, you can replace the battery at an authorized Apple service and the device will be like new, with the marks of a second-hand product, but with the exception that you will have a very interesting product. and with exceptional performance for years. Remember that even if you buy a second-hand product, in Spain there is warranty of said product for a few months, so if you see any damage and want to return it, there is a legal mechanism to restore the purchase.

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